We have many questions that come to us from time to time and so we have taken the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and placed them in one convenient section for you.

This section will continue to grow as the questions, both tour and non-tour related, come in.

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This is an often asked and tough question to answer, but we can give you a ballpark estimate.

Your destination and length of tour are the two major factors in tour pricing. As stated on the ‘Compare Tours’ page our average per day cost is between $200 – $250 per day.

Below is the cost of 3 different Sloan Travel tours, along with some competitor caparisons.

Sloan Travel Tours
Ireland: Nua Tour, 10-days, 6 guests  (2015) – $2395 ($239.00 per day)
Scotland & Wales: Exploris Tour, 15-days, 4 guests (2014) – $2795 ($186.33 per day)
Wales: Snowdonia Sojourn, 11-day, 8-guests (2016) – $2572 ($233.81 per day)

Competitor Tours
Scottish Roads Tour, 8-day, 24 guests (2014) – $2940 ($367.50 per day)
Ireland & Scotland Combo Tour, 50 guests 11-days (2014) – $4458 ($405.27 per day)
Castle Tour of Ireland, 12-day tour, 48 guests (2013) – $4528 ($377.33 per day)

At Sloan Travel, we do our best to offer a superior product at a competitive price. Therefore we try to cover as many overseas costs up front so that you have very few expenses during the trip. Below is a list of everything that will be included on your tour.

Airport transfers at the start and at the end of your tour
All transportation via Coach or Van
Maximum of 24 guests per tour, and 8 guests per private tour
Professional tour director/guide, along with local guides
All accommodations (hotels, cottages, bed+breakfasts, manor houses)
Excursions during the tour (falconry, stand up paddle-boarding, scenic train rides, horseback riding, zipline etc.)
2 Meals daily (breakfast every morning)
Round trip ferry, boat, and train transportation, per the itinerary
Visits and fully paid admissions to all scheduled sights and museums
All local taxes & fees along with fuel surcharges

There are only a couple things not included in your tour package along with a few items to consider when creating your budget for tour expenses:
Airfare + Luggage Fees
One meal per day (plan between $10 – $20 US)

People often ask about bundled airfare, and the truth about that is, it actually ends up costing our guests more money in the long run. Allow us to explain.

Unless you live in and around a major hub city like Boston, New York, or Chicago. With bundled airfare, we can save approximately $100 per person on normal airfare, but then you become responsible for finding another flight from your hometown to that hub city. In the long run it cost our travelers on average around $300+ to get a round trip ticket to the hub city, so we opted out of scheduling flights for people.

We figured it’s worth it to offer our Sloan Travel flight monitoring and booking service and work on passing on the savings and allowing our guests to get the more affordable, and fastest flight they can find, rather than requiring an extra stop along the way to their vacation destinations.

Of course this answer depends on where you are going. So, we have some average temps for various locations by seasons of travel.

Spring tours (March-May):
Ireland:      High (60-52F), Low (49-41F)
Scotland:   High (58-51F), Low (46-39F)
Wales:        High (62-54F), Low (47-39F)
Italy:           High (75-63F), Low (55-43F)

Summer tours (June-August):
Ireland:      High (70-62F), Low (57-49F)
Scotland:   High (68-61F), Low (54-47F)
Wales:        High (74-66F), Low (54-46F)
Italy:           High (84-90F), Low (63-66F)

Autumn tours (September-November):
Ireland:      High (62-54F), Low (50-42F)
Scotland:   High (62-55F), Low (49-42F)
Wales:        High (65-57F), Low (49-42F)
Italy:           High (79-65F), Low (60-46F)

One thing to remember with the Celtic Isles, is that it stays as green as it does for a reason, and that reason is rain. Now, while there are an average of 20 days of rain per month in Ireland, a day where it rains for 20 minutes, is still considered a day of rain, so it may not be a down pour, but you must be ready for anything in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. As the saying goes, you can have a little of every season within the same day.