The Sloan Travel Difference


Small, Family-style, and Private Tour Groups.

The goal of a lot of the cookie-cutter, budget companies is to fill the bus to overflowing. At half to a fifth the size of most groups, Sloan Travel tours are designed to feel a lot more like family and a lot less like a wild herd of cattle, with 8-24 guests, per trip.

Simply put, it saves time! We get an estimated 45-90 minutes more out of every day with smaller groups. That’s like adding an entire extra day’s worth of experiences over the course of just one tour.


Full-time Services of an Energetic and Professional Guide.

Our guides will ensure that you experience the very best of each destination. Guides from many tour companies are often hired to simply to deal with the mechanics and work toward merchant kickback, but our guides are qualified and hired to help cultivate a smooth and enjoyable tour, enjoying every moment right alongside the group itself.

If ever you have a need, your guide will be there to help you navigate your way.


All Tours, Sights, and Admissions – at no extra cost

Our tours cover over 25 sightseeing stops per trip. Many companies charge you for these stops, but we will never do that.

Take our Connemara Coast tour of Ireland, it includes over 28 tours, sights, shows, and admissions; including, The Cliffs of Moher & Ocean Cruise, Trad on the Prom Irish Music & Dance Show, Kylemore Abbey & Gardens, The Ireland School of Falconry, plus much much more. All of it… included.


Great & Memorable Accommodations

To keep you well rested, we try and insure that most of our stops are for at least two nights when possible, and we now have a few tours where you never have to leave your accommodation. From ocean side cottages to Victorian manor houses, the accommodations we hand select for each tour will add to your overall custom experience.

Take the Highland Hideaway Tour, we stay in some lovely thatched roof cottages right next to a lake where ducks and swans are freely swimming around. They are quaint, comfortable, quiet, but still centerally located along our journey.


Two Meals Daily

On a Sloan Travel Tour, you can expect breakfast everyday, as well as either lunch or dinner along the way. All in all, two thirds of your meals are covered in your tour cost.

We give you a savory experience of the local cuisine, protect your wallet, and give you opportunities to make some delicious discoveries of your very own.


All Group Transportation

From your arrival at our first hotel until our final night, all transportation is provided for you. No need to worry about driving on the wrong side of the road, or studying maps, or even programming that GPS. With Sloan Travel, you will be comfortable and well taken care of. We are here to maximize your every minute spent abroad.


NEW! $299 Deposits.

The moment we receive your $299 deposit, we will lock in your place on the tour. A lot of tour companies have deposits as high as $800. We understand that it takes time when preparing to travel overseas, so we have introduced a new low deposit to ensure that you are able to hold the spot on the trip you want. We will also provide a convenient payment reminders to help you budget over the coming months for those guest that sign up.

If for any reason, you singed up and then soon found out you couldn’t get the time off work, or you found out you jumped the gun and had a conflict; no worries. You have a 10-day grace period with which you can cancel your tour and receive a full refund on your “non-refundable’ deposit.


The Sloan Travel Alumni Advantage

For those of you who have traveled with us before, things are about to get much better. We are please to introduce the ‘Sloan Travel Alumni Advantage’ Membership. Go on any tour, and you are now officially a member, which gives you nice perks on upcoming travel with us..

First, you $50 off any future tour for each tour you’ve taken with us prior to 2015. You can stack this unique discount all the way up to $250, and best of all, it will never go away. So, the more you travel with us the more you save. Second, Alumni Advantage Members receive 20% off tour addition bundles. So now you can add time to your trip for less cash, saving an average of $150 on addition packages. And third, Alumni Advantage members get a life long 75% discount on Flight Monitoring and Booking services.

We love our tour family, and getting to reunite with the people you’ve shared live changing experiences with makes the next trip that much sweeter.


Optional Single Supplement

Our tours have a limited number of private rooms for solo travelers at an additional fee. Single Supplements are always a choice and never a requirement.

If you don’t have someone you are traveling with but would like a roommate, we are happy to accommodate when possible. We have a lot of people every year who opt to travel alone and end up meeting friends along the way. We always encourage people to never let anything stop you from traveling. We are a family, and you have a place with us.