It was the Winter of 2010, and I had just finished compiling my four photo albums, documenting every move of my first three-week journey around Ireland. One friend was particularly eager to see what I had done and hear all about the exciting things I had experienced. And that’s when it happened. While flipping from one page to the next my friend turned to me and said, “These photos are incredible! You’re so passionate about this, you should bring people there!” From that very moment in our conversation, I couldn’t shake the idea of bringing people on an authentic and exciting journey, much like my own.

Carefree, thrilling, off-the-beaten-path, full of joy and discovery, that was my 3-weeks experience in Ireland; and if I’m completely honest, it changed my life. However, these dynamics and this new idea begged the questions: Is this idea, this vision, even obtainable? Can I radically change what a bus-tour means and erase the negative stigmas that go along with it? How do I save people time and money, while providing them an experience that will leave a profound impact on their lives, like it did mine?

With these and a million other questions swirling around in my head, I set out on my journey a few months later. I purposed in my heart that I was going to design a touring company that was set apart and unlike any other.

Now, after all these years since that conversation with my friend, this labor of love known as Sloan Travel has become something unique and something surprisingly close to my original goals. The focused goals to create a tour company that is known for providing authentic, life-changing, off-the-beaten-path, joyful tours, remains paramount in my vision.

I hope you enjoy looking around our website. No matter where you decide to travel, it is my promise that your tour will be something special and something treasured, a moment in time where you can look back time and time again, and just smile.

I strive to out do myself and to make this company the best it can be; and because of that I encourage you to consider grab some friends and sign up for one of our uniquely designed, value-packed tours. As year gives way to year, I look forward to watching our travel family grow as we explore and uncover even more of our beautiful planet.

Dream big and travel well,