Customer Reviews

“My wife Carrie and I are usually sun seekers when it comes to traveling, but this time around, through my wife’s connections in the art world, we decided to go to Ireland by way of Sloan Travel Co. My pre-trip perception was full of doubt that I would actually enjoy being “drug around” on someone else’s trip. See, I am not one for tons of structure and I’m very much a “go where the wind takes you” kind of guy. Knowing my days would already be planned by someone other than myself, made me nervous.

Honestly, I can say that it was the best trip I have ever been on. I was with the most amazing group of people, and it was led by our inedible travel guide & coordinator, Mr. Coty Sloan, whom I now consider a friend. It was structured enough that we stayed on course and covered the ground he had planned for us to see, but things were free and open enough that I didn’t feel restricted, hurried or rushed around at all.

The whole experience of our tour felt like I was traveling with an old friend who was taking me to all these neat places he had discovered. It was a real pleasure exploring with Sloan Travel and now I’m just waiting for the next one! Where are we headed next, Coty?”

Thank you again, -Glenn Todd

I experienced Ireland and Northern Ireland, on Sloan Travel Co’s Exploris Tour in 2014. I am no stranger to travel, but knew very little about Ireland, our guide Coty, or my fellow travelers before my plane touched down in Dublin. It was a little unsettling, but my “leap into the unknown” proved to be a journey that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Being a country gal at heart, I drank in the serene countryside and magnificent views along the Wild Atlantic Way. I walked along cliffs, flew falcons, toured historic ruins, visited with locals, and watched Irish dancing all in the company of fellow travelers who heretofore were strangers, but have now become lifelong friends.

I have been on tours to Israel, Mexico, Europe and the Philippines, and all were enjoyable and instructive, but none of them were life changing, until now. The totality of my 10-day tour changed my inner self in a way that continues to amaze me to this day. Everyone should be so fortunate to tour Ireland with Sloan Travel.

Sincerly, -Karen Rode

“My husband and I went on a tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland with Sloan Travel. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect having never been on an official “bus tour” before. Even though I was extremely excited about having never been to Ireland or the UK, I was also a little bit nervous too. The tour thing was foreign to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Well, I had absolutely no reason to be nervous. Let me tell you, Sloan Travel knows their business! To describe our tour guide Coty, and my experience; it was like I was touring Ireland with a best friend. I was being seamlessly guided through all of the beauty and incredible heritage that surrounded me. As an artist and photographer, I am always looking for inspiration and I found it every single day, in abundance.

I was blown away by the beauty of this place, and even more, I was pleasantly surprised by all the hidden things that Coty showed us that I know aren’t happening on other tours. I felt like I was discovering something brand new all the time.

You may read my review or the review of others and think, “was it really that good?” Let me tell you… it was a trip of a lifetime. I’m already packing my bags getting ready to go again.

-Carrie Todd

“My wife Denise and I had been talking about traveling for a long time, but we hadn’t moved on it in a while. One day, she had discovered information about a tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland with Sloan Travel and just like that the excitement of our lifelong dream to go to Ireland was rekindled. As we read about the tour details together, we realized that we had just stumbled onto something fresh and unique, and we knew that we had to be a part of it.

Our tour with Coty and Sloan Travel exceeded all my expectations, and then some. Coty was extremely personable over the phone and he interacted with Denise and I as if he had known us for years. When we all finally did meet in Dublin for the first time, it was like getting together with friends. He had the same interactions with every person that was a part of our tour and always went above and beyond to provide an experience of a life time.

As we ventured around Ireland and Northern Ireland, its history came alive to me. We were up close and personal with the people and the places they lived, worked, and played. Everything was so much more accessible and each tour member could interact in memorable ways with the people and the culture. On a personal note, the opportunity to stop and take in the awe-inspiring creation and beauty was really mind boggling and incredible.

We encountered unbelievable scenery and unprecedented views of the “real Ireland.” We also met and made a host of new friends that we are still friends with years later. Sloan Travel is not just about doing tours like everyone else, the heart behind their tours are about experiencing the fullness of the land and its people, up close and personal. It really was life changing, and I would highly recommend Coty Sloan and Sloan Travel to anyone looking to visit overseas.

– Roger Humphreys

Ireland was a place of endless hidden secrets and history you could find around every corner. The thousand shades of green, rolling hills, valleys, mountains, oceans, the sound of Celtic dancers, and more castles and ruins than your imagination can fathom, it was hard to believe this place was more than a dream.

This was actually my second trip to Ireland, but it wasn’t until I went with Sloan Travel that I experienced the Ireland of my dreams! There was so much to experience in the Emerald Isles that I never knew existed, and my Sloan Travel tour took me on breathtaking hikes and inside enchanted forests. You see stunning beauty every day and it leaves you speechless.

My guide, Coty, understood the importance of making sure we experienced the music and the people of Ireland. You find happy welcoming sounds and some of the friendliest people in the world. It is so much fun. And the food was extraordinary. We had extraordinary food at some great restaurants and wonderful pubs. I left Ireland feeling a bit more Irish as I got to know the people and their land. Now, I can hardly wait to go back again. It was an adventure of a lifetime that must be revisited.

If you want to visit the real authentic nature of the place you’re traveling to, do it with Coty and Sloan Travel, I highly recommend them. You will love every unique and perfectly planned day, and you will never be the same!

With heartfelt gratitude, -Kay Mulvihill

When my husband and I decided to go on the Sloan Travel Co. tour, we were expecting to see some great sites and to have a lot of fun. I can’t explain how much I underestimated just how incredible it would be.

Around every corner my breath was taken away by the majestic beauty of the places we visited. Our days were filled with excitement and expectation, and our nights were filled with music, laughter, fantastic food, and amazing company. I will never forget the people we met along the way and the awesome times we had together.

One of the things I loved most about our tour, was that we got off the tourist roads and into the heart of Ireland. On the second day of our tour, we visited a place called Dove Hill Castle. To get to this castle, our whole group had to follow Coty across a road and through a farmer’s field. It was perfect. And you knew in that moment, this was going to be unlike any other tour happening in Ireland.

The 15th century castle was overrun with greenery and had three hidden spiral stairways. When we had reached the top, the view was spectacular and the air was so crisp and clean. After looking out at the Irish countryside and mountain ranges, we headed back to the bottom level and the buzz of excitement about the days ahead was filling the group. It was only the beginning and it only got a whole lot better from there.

I could write a small book with amazing stories from our 12-day tour, but I will leave you with this… GO! Experience it for yourself. Touring with Sloan Travel is the best choice you could make.

-Leah Davis

“I had an incredible experience on my Sloan Travel tour. The people on my the tour were ranging in age from their early twenties all the way up to their late seventies and it was a wonderful thing to see the whole group blend in such a unique and perfect way. I attribute a lot of this to our guide, Coty. He is a very professional man, but his professionalism is perfectly tempered with kindness and compassion.

With Sloan Travel, I got to see a perfect blend of a few major tourist sights that you would hope to see when visiting Ireland, but my favorite places were the unexpected, off-the-beaten-path discoveries that Coty would take us to.

But the best part of the tour was getting to fulfill my heart’s desire. See, for a long time I have always wanted to go to Ireland and experience the Irish people. I never really thought would be possible with a large tour, but when I read about how Sloan Travel is doing things, I just knew that there would be room for that to happen, and on several occasions, it did. I got to talk and laugh with the “locals” and get a taste of the Irish heart; which I fell in love with.

It is my sincere hope to travel with Sloan Travel again very, very soon.”

-Sandy Cox